Born 1975 [China] Lives and works in Norway

Member of: NBK, BOA, Sørum Art Association

1995 -1997  The Central University of Nationalities
1998-2000  Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing
2003-2006 National Art Academy in Oslo – B. A Fine Arts
2006-2008 National Art Academy in Oslo – M. A Fine Arts

Upcoming Exhibitions
Østlandsutstillingen 2021( delta)
24.04 – 20.06 Trafo Kunsthall, Asker
14.08 – 25.09 Vestfold Kunstsenter, Tønsberg

2019 Trondheim Art Association, Interferens, NO
2017 Oslo prosjektrom, “From Triangle”, NO
2013 Tegnerforbundet, “State of Inaction”, NO
2013 Gallery BOA, “Matrix of Entities”, NO
2012 Galleriet Nes Kulturhus, “One and More”, Nes Art Association,  NO
2011 Association International Sinoccygen, “The Fairy Fingers”, FR
2005 Gallery Arena, “Communication 20 x 1”, Oslo NO
2004 Gallery 21:24, “Who am I” , NO
2004 Long Space Gallery, “Flow”, NO

2019 Galleri Hans, Group 7, Ørland Art Center, NO
2019 Galleri Schæffersgate 5 , Oslo Open
2019 Leidangalleriet, Stiklestad National Art Center, Group 7, NO
2019 Galleri Elgen, Tynset Cultural Center, Group 7, NO
2019 Skedsmo Kunstforening, KunstSkansen Sammen, NO
2019 Artrooms Fair, London
2018 Galleri Blaker Skanse, Spor i Tid, Sørum, NO.
2018 NL Art Gallery, Summer Exhibition, Beijing, CN
2018 Lørenskog Art Association, Kunstskansen artist collective, NO.
2018 Galleri Schæffersgate 5, Oslo Open, NO
2018 Melahuset, Migrating Idenities 3, NWA artist group, Oslo NO.
2017 Sørum Art Association, Poluting Purity, NWA artist group, Sørum NO.
2017 NL Art Gallery, Spirits of independence, Beijing CN
2017 Paper . Supreme, traveling exhibiting in seven cities in China
2017 MONA Biennial (The Museum of Non-Visible Art)
2017 Galleri 69, Migrating Identities 2, Oslo, NO
2016 Lørenskog Art Association, Migrating Identities, NO
2015 Galleri Blaker Skanse, Åpningsutstilling,KunstSkansen,Sørum NO.
2015 Oppland Kunstsenter, Mail Art, NO
2014 Cultural Palace of Nationalities, OverseasChinese Artists Show, Beijing, CN
2014 Frogner Library, Month Artist, Sørum, NO
2014 Sørum Library, Month Artist, Sørum, NO
2014 Den Kinesisk Eske, Livets Strøm, NO
2013 Galleri Schæffersgate 5, Min Stemme, Oslo, NO
2013 NOsphere Art, The Unbearable Richness of Gray, NY
2011 InterfaceFLOR Showroom, Mult-faces, FR
2011 DA Fan Shu Fang, China-Europe paper art show, Beijing- Paris
2010 Grand Palais in Paris, Salon du dessin et de la peinture à l’eau, FR
2010 Da Wang Gao Di Art Center, No Difference, Shenzhen, China
2010 University of Strasbourg, 15 Chinese Artist Show, AISIOCA, FR
2010 Dialogues-Internation Studio Open, AISIOCA, Strasbourg, FR
2009 China-France Art Exhibition, AISIOCA, Strasbourg, FR
2009 Songzhuang Art Museum, Life in Songzhuang, Beijing, CN
2008 Shangshang Art Museum, Exhibition of Smell, Beijing, CN
2008 The Drawing Room, Reconfigure-in association with Tannery Arts, London, Uk
2008 Stenersensmuseum, M.A Avgangsutstillingen, Oslo, NO
2007 One minute film festival, Switzerland
2007 Tegnerforbundet, Vår utstilling, Oslo, NO
2007 Oslo open, Oslo, NO
2007 Gallery 21:24,21:25, Southern Comfort, Oslo, NO
2007 Gallery BOA, Norway in world, Oslo, NO
2006 Gallery A, Painting group show, Oslo, NO
2006 Gallery seildukken, Survival, Oslo, NO
2006 Stenersensmuseum, B.A Avgangsutstillingen, Oslo, NO
2006 UKS, Academy in Exile, Oslo, NO
2005 798 Art Biannual, Link-up, 798 art area ,Beijing, CN
2005 International Drawing Exhibition, StrayDog, Aberdeen, Scotland
2004 Salon 100, Heimdalsveien No.4, Oslo, NO
2004 Nordea Bank, Painting Based Group Show, Oslo, NO
2004 Gallery Seilduken, Group exhibition, Oslo, NO

2017  Best art work award,  NL Art Gallery, Beijing, CN 
2016  Arts Council, exhibition support for group show “ Migrating Identities”, NO
2013  Norwegian Visual Artists Association, 1 – year grant, NO
2012  Arts Council , exhibition support, NO
2008 Norwegian Artist Fund, establishing grant for young artist, NO
2008 Norwegian Visual Artists Association, project found, NO
2006 Norwegian Artist Fund, establishing grant for young artist, NO

2017  Orgnizor/curator for group exhibition “Poluting purity”
2005  Curator of group exhibition Link-Up i 798 art area, Beijing, CN 

2015-2017 Artistic Consultant for public art i Ny Frogner Skloe in Sørum Kommune
2011 -2014 Board memeber, selection jury in Sørum Art Association.
2013   Artist talk i Nes Art Association, NO
2011   Ocotober- December, Assistant in Galleri BOA
2009-2010  Represetitive, board member for Association International Sinoccygen
2007   Workshop for kids, Culture night, gallery BOA